Relation Of Health And Fitness

But in fact, more people regard the two words of health as idols and training goals for those big or skinny stars on the Internet to motivate themselves. It is best to lie down and fall asleep after practice one day and wake up the next day to find that you have become an exemplary figure like Schwarzenegger.

Some people compare the gym to a health factory; of course, there is no doubt about this. But what is more likely to be lost is the desire for high standards and the fact that you can’t practice. In this confused state, it is easy to lose your mind and become a person who can only practice but not think——Wei Fitness Yes, pursuing excellence puts strict requirements on oneself, and buying messy private education courses without thinking.

If you want to be healthy, you should understand this truth. Being overweight, becoming a muscular hunk or becoming a thin bamboo pole is against the original intention of being healthy. The ancestors have long said: the golden mean. According to the current “popular” point of view: Obesity may represent laziness, but being extremely thin is a disease, and maintaining a healthy body is what you should pursue.

First of all, girls are too thin.

A little body fat is good for you – you’ve heard this a hundred times, but I’ll repeat it: your “health status” is significantly compromised without fat. Take some girls who pursue an ultra-low body fat rate as an example. Once they become fragile and have a shallow body fat rate, they will become moody, hungry, and unable to do some weight training. At this time, you will feel powerless and have no interest in doing anything.

The state of not being able to see fat is related to the “weight loss competition” around you. Whenever you open Weibo or Moments, you will see those people swearing that they want to lose weight. If you are a successful weight loss person, you will likely position yourself as a weight loss leader and constantly maintain a low body fat percentage to “encourage” them. Many female personal trainers in my circle of friends do this. They are already skinny, but they always shout every day, after eating this meal, I will lose weight tomorrow. If you are a weight loss follower, your sense of competition will also be significantly enhanced; everyone wants to be a little thinner.

Let’s talk about the super big muscles that boys like.

Constantly muttering that muscles represent justice. I am amazed whenever I see videos of Xiaoliwang, pandas, or some bodybuilders training. But what does all this have to do with you? They use this to make money; they have to practice so much, and you? You have a job and a family, you have other hobbies, and you don’t even like fitness at all, but you have to do it at your wife’s request.

This is why there are so many fitness chicken soups on the Internet, threatening you – if you don’t practice, you are a waste; if you practice, you are a winner.

Limits have a price, but health does not. If you keep healthy and feel happy during the fitness process, you can also care for other things, such as work, love and family. You don’t have to be bound by a variety of exclusive skills, and your training plan must be around the skills you lack before you start practising- such as lack of endurance or strength- to try to improve. Your time is precious.

Can’t escape the fierce blow of various supplement manufacturers, after all

Health is a state of balance. Don’t think I am encouraging people to continue gaining weight just because I wrote this article; it is not. Many people have lost weight for many years and still have not lost weight, but they still maintain a certain amount of exercise, and their diet is also very regular. They are healthier than many people who work hard to lose weight. In recent years, some plus-size models have appeared in this way.

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