One Place for All Your Dreams-Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata

One Place for All Your Dreams-Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata

Are you confused about whether to take a hotel management course and which is the ideal hotel management college in Kolkata? Or do you want to know about the difference between Hotel Management and Hospital Management? What will be the scope and above all what will be the salary structure if you complete BA in Hotel Management? Are you eligible for the course? If your mind is racing to know the answers to all these questions, then you are certainly at the right place. You will get every answer related to the Hotel Management course.

Hospitality Management Vs Hotel Management

As the name suggests, hospitality management’s main purpose is to give their guests a pleasant experience while they are away from home. Though hospitality management is a vast industry and it is very difficult to narrow it down into a few sentences. But to be precise their core focus is on their customers’ experience. They want to improve every bit of their service based on their customers’ likings and within the allocated budget. For example, if a customer is not satisfied with their service and asks for a refund, it’s the responsibility of the hospitality management to resolve the issue by taking care of the customer’s sentiment and also holding a profitable business out of it.

What is the hotel management?

We all know what a hotel is. Its main purpose is to provide shelter, food, drinks, and other homely services to travelers. It’s not mandatory that every hotel must be luxurious. Hotels generally welcome guests for a short period. It can be an inn, a motel, or a guesthouse that provides overnight accommodation.

So, Hotel Management is all about managing a hotel. You need to master hotel marketing, catering administration, and housekeeping. You don’t need to be tense where you will learn all these skills. This course includes subjects like food science, housekeeping, sanitation, catering, and marketing.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are applying for a hotel management course in India: –

-You need to have your 12th certificates

-You must have at least 50% of marks in your 12th

-You should have English as a compulsory subject in your previous classes

If you want to pursue a PG course in Hotel Management then you need to have

-a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management

– minimum 50% in your bachelor’s degree in hotel management

Different Types of Jobs in Hotel Management

You can choose a job from your field of interest because it encompasses different types of jobs. You can choose a job from the food, management, and administrative industry and apply for these job roles

  1. Chef
  2. Catering Manager
  3. General Manager
  4. Front Office Manager
  5. Housekeeping Staff

Salary Structure

Hotel Management is a very well-paying industry. Unlike others, hotel management offers a good package even for freshers. The average annual salary varies from 1.8 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs per annum for freshers and experienced candidates it varies from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum. Hotel management requires a lot of practical knowledge so within two years of starting you can expect a good salary package. Some job post offers better salary package like executive chef, general manager, and operations manager.

Is hotel management a good career option for the future?

People have always found traveling to be their favorite hobby and today we can see the travel industry is booming. Even if people don’t get a long holiday approval, they still plan for a weekend tour. Travel and food have always worked as medicine to a weary man’s soul. People just want a good place and good food. So, shortly hotel management will be a good career option. You do not need to work in a luxurious hotel because travelers do not come from only rich backgrounds, they come from every class of society and all they need is a good place that can give them a homely service.

Things to keep in mind if you want to study hotel management

In hotel management, employees are required to have good communication skills. It is still okay if you do not have it as long as you have the will to work on your communication. Without good communication skills, you cannot survive in this industry because the only thing that is expected from you is to communicate with guests so their needs must not be unfulfilled.

As it is a field job, practical knowledge is more important here. You need to be flexible if you want to enter this industry. You might need to work rotational shifts. Because it is a 24*7 job.

As in hotels, people come from different parts of the world and knowing more than one language will help you to work more efficiently.

Sometimes you have to manage tasks that do not come under your responsibility. But a hotel is an organization and an organization needs everyone’s cooperation to work properly. So you should know how to work as a team.

Why should you choose Hotel Management?

Hotel Management provides great opportunities to its students. Every day you will get to learn new things because the work demands working directly with people. You will get new challenges every day and also learn to overcome them. If your dream is to work in an international market, the hotel management industry will never disappoint you.

Working in the hotel management industry is beneficial to you even personally because it helps you improve your communication skills, in critical thinking and help you to work as a team


Indian Institute of Hotel Management offers the best hotel management courses, hospital management courses, and tourism management courses. They believe in their students and help them to build their bright futures. They want every young student’s dream to be fulfilled. The rich knowledge faculties are always helping enthusiastic students to grow. The calm atmosphere is ideal for students to study. Their placement starts from the first day which includes soft skill training, pre-placement talk, and mock placement activity. So undoubtedly, the Indian Institute of Hotel Management is the best hotel management institute in Kolkata.

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