How Artificial Intelligence is changing our world?

In 1981, Steve Jobs famously compared computers to “bicycles for the mind.”

There’s an old video where Steve describes how the Condor is the most efficient animal in the world, and humans only rank about 15 or 16 in the pecking order.

“Humans, however,” he said, “become the most efficient creatures on earth when they are given a bike.”

To make people more powerful, Steve firmly believed that every HOME should have a personal computer.

At the time, Steve’s vision was extraordinarily ambitious and ahead of his time.

Yet this visionary genius couldn’t even imagine what would happen just 42 years later…

According to Google, there are about five billion people with smartphones worldwide today. To put that into perspective, that’s about 62% of the eight billion global population.

These smartphones are not just in every home — these are PERSONAL devices. We have them with us 24/7!

Now, add to these internet-connected devices access to Google, ChatGPT, and multiple other powerful AI tools coming to market.

To answer your question, how does AI change the world for better or for worse?

I’m very concerned about the speed of change that’s coming.

Think about this:

It took just 42 years to get to these technological advances — can you predict how our world will be in the next 40?

Certainly, NOBODY can predict what’s coming!

Today AI brings unprecedented knowledge to everyone on earth, a powerful tool like ChatGPT was unimaginable just a few years back.

The challenge with AI is how unbelievably scalable it is. No human can even come close to these machines’ speed and decision-making.

We must understand — AI enables computers and robots to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence.

No more human intervention is needed!

This makes the future even more difficult to predict.

Buckle up… it’s gonna get bumpy!

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